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 to change IP address

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PostSubject: to change IP address   Wed Feb 25, 2009 6:51 pm

1. Open network conections which can be found in control panel
2. Then open your loacal area connection using the right mouse button and selecting properties
3. Then find internet protocol (TCP/IP) select it and click on the properties button
4. And there you will have your IP adress shown. You musn't change anything else exept the IP adress

Now i will tell you how to find another IP adress

First you have to write down your current IP adress
Then goto start and select run
Input cmd and then ok
When you'll have the command prompt write ping and then your IP adress separated by space
You can look for new IP adresses simply by changin the last number of your own adress
When the result shows 00 ms that means that the IP adress is available
Then simply input that IP adress on the place mentioned earlierbut change nothing else

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to change IP address
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