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 How to Recover From a Computer Virus?

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PostSubject: How to Recover From a Computer Virus?   Fri Mar 27, 2009 11:57 pm


Create backups for your important documents, digital images and any
other files you wish to keep. Don't back up any executable files, as
those files can easily be infected by a virus and taint your entire


Detect an infection by regularly updating and scanning your computer
for viruses. You can't recover from an infection that escapes your
attention. Many computer users use compromised computers for months or
years without knowing they were infected.


Remove viruses automatically. Depending on which virus has infected
your computer, your virus program might be able to automatically remove
the infection.


Remove the virus manually. Some viruses are so new or advanced that an antivirus program
doesn't know how to remove them automatically. There are often manual
removal instructions available on your antivirus program's website or
via a security advisory. Follow these instructions carefully, as you
can do major damage to your operating system if you do not.


Reinstall Windows
in the case of a major infection, since this is the only way to be sure
the virus is completely gone. Some viruses infect almost everything,
including your antivirus program itself. In these cases, it's best to
reformat your computer and start from a new installation. Though the
virus could be removed, removing the virus often takes so much time and
effort that it's faster and safer to do a reinstall.


Reinstall your antivirus program immediately after doing a new install.
Be sure to update the program and virus definitions.


Recover and restore your data. Once you have all your personal files back onto the hard drive, your computer will almost be back to normal.


Scan your restored files with your antivirus program to be sure they're not infected.
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How to Recover From a Computer Virus?
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